Bec Singleton

The jump rope program has been such a great way to challenge me in a new way. It’s exciting! And fun! I compete in strongman but this has been a great way to mix up my conditioning and learn a new skill. I love that it warms up my whole body before lifting heavy. Or on rest days I love using my rope at home for some active recovery. While laughing at my fails with the rope and ‘jumping’ for joy at my wins!

I was lucky enough to cross paths with the wonderful people behind this program. We trained at the same gym for a little while- They’re strength, skill and genuine hearts stood out!!
These kinds of qualities have come through in the program and service!

As an athlete who has competed in both bodybuilding and now strongman- jump rope will always be a part of my training! I couldn’t recommend this program more! It’s easy to follow, affordable, all fitness levels can do it anywhere, it’s effective, full-body and most of all it’s FUN!

Thank you so much, Winter and Darin, for such an awesome program!!