Henry Tey

As a regular gym go-er and fairly new CrossFitter, I would have never thought I would be able to do any gymnastic movements, handstands being the big fear factor. A year ago before meeting Darin & Winter, I’ve always had the issue of shoulder mobility which restricted most overhead movements. It would always be tough and sometimes de-motivating to see others do movements I could not. Fast forward one year, with consistent training and encouraging coaches I am now able to confidently hit handstand holds even if it were just for a couple of seconds. Not only that, I have gained a stronger core and was also able to hit not just one bar muscle-up, but string together three from having none at all.

Having met Darin & Winter would have to be one of the biggest moments in my fitness life as they have helped improve my overall bodyweight strength and conditioning. I am always keen to come in for training on the days that I do gymnastics as they are very knowledgeable at what they do. By following their programming and support, I believe anyone could achieve their goals.