Hilleke van der Werff

The Jump Rope Program has made me feel like I can attempt certain ‘stunts’ and exercises using the jump rope that I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying to learn. It has also made me aware of my technique and how to fine-tune even the most simple move.

Instagram page. Seeing both Winter and Darryn’s amazing perfectly toned body’s and spot-on techniques whilst jumping rope had me wanting to find out more. They are living breathing examples of health and fitness.

I am extremely happy with Winter and Darryn’s services. Not only am I impressed with the program structure and how clear and concise the training videos are, but I feel like I can trust them, they are both very approachable, open and honest and have answered any and every question that I had surrounding the program and any other training questions. This has made me realize how genuinely passionate they are about helping people.