Our Jump Rope Skills are a collection of 55+ different Jump Rope Skills ranging from Beginner to Advanced. We start with the very Basics for people that have never jumped before and work our way up to some Advanced Skills. Each step builds on the last and the skills are ordered to give you the fastest progress on your Jump Rope Journey. We learnt to jump as adults and were frustrated by having to piece together tutorials from across the internet. So save yourself hours of searching online and spend that time jumping instead. What you are waiting for start jumping TODAY!


Beginner Skills

  1. Shadow Bounce No Rope
  2. Shadow Bounce With Rope
  3. Standing Rope Jump
  4. Basic Bounce
  5. Boxer Step
  6. Double Boxer Step
  7. Toe to Toe
  8. Heel to Toe
  9. High Knees
  10. Butt Kicks
  11. Side Straddle
  12. Bell
  13. Side Jumps
  14. Half Twister
  15. Full Twister
  16. Straddle Cross
  17. Forward Straddle

Intermediate Skills

  1. Side Swing
  2. Double Side Swing
  3. Side Swing Jump
  4. Backwards Jump
  5. Backwards Side Swing
  6. 180 Forward
  7. 180 Backward
  8. 360
  9. Crosses
  10. Running Crosses
  11. Cross Jump
  12. Side Swing Cross
  13. Backwards Side Swing Open
  14. Backwards Crosses
  15. Fake EB
  16. EB

Advanced Skills

  1. Double Unders
  2. Squat Jumps
  3. Double Under Cross Open
  4. Double Under Open Cross
  5. Double Under EB
  6. Double Under Side Cross
  7. Double Under Side Open
  8. Crooger/Leg Over
  9. Toad
  10. Inverse Toad
  11. Double Under Cross Cross
  12. T Toad
  13. Crooger/Leg Over + 360
  14. Elephant
  15. Awesome Annie
  16. TS
  17. T TOAD + EB
  18. Triple Under Side Open Open
  19. Triple Under Side Side Open
  20. Triple Under Side Cross Open
  21. Triple Under Side Open Cross
  22. Triple Under Side Cross Cross

Beaded Rope or Speed Rope

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