Our Jump Rope Workouts are a collection of pure cardio workouts ranging from Beginner to Advanced. The workouts utilise the movements that you have learned at each different level and are designed for maximum fat burning and cardiovascular health. Don't waste your time on boring treadmills. Jump Rope Workouts will get you fit, build your co-ordination and best of all they are fun to complete. So what you are waiting for start jumping TODAY!


Our Beginner Workouts will help start you on your jump rope journey. There are 20 Different Workouts in our Beginner section and they are designed to be a gentle introduction to jumping. Allowing you to focus on building the correct body and hand position. Rhythm and consistency in your jumping along with building the necessary conditioning in your legs to move on to more advanced jumping. Don't be afraid to spend time with these workouts as we like to say "The Slow Way Is The Fast Way"  and the more time you spend perfecting your technique early on the fast you will progress when it comes to more advanced workouts and skills.


Our Intermediate Jump Rope Workouts are where the Jumping starts to go up a level. These workouts are a step up in intensity from the Beginner Workouts. Again with 20 Different Intermediate Jump Rope Workouts, you will never get bored with doing your cardio or getting that Fat Burn in. Our Intermediate Jump Rope Workouts are the ultimate way to increase your Fitness Levels improve Co-ordination and Balance and get you Lean!


Our Advanced Jump Rope Workouts contain

15 Advanced Workouts these are our highest intensity Jump Rope Workouts. These workouts contain skills from our Advanced Skills section and will be sure to give you some serious conditioning. Squat Jumps, Double Unders, Running Crosses Are you up to the challenge?

20 Endurance Workouts. These are long workouts designed to really work that cardiovascular system. Make sure that you have fully prepared your legs before undertaking these as there is a lot of volume and they can quickly lead to overworking the lower leg for those that are underprepared. However, if you have put the effort in during our early workouts then put your headphones on, crank some tunes and get to work.


Beaded Rope or Speed Rope

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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Minimal Equipment Required
Follow Along Workouts