Leigh Kettle

The Jump Rope Program has changed my life by providing me with not only fun and cool tricks to learn in a methodical and well-instructed way (the follow-along videos and explanations are awesome) but also gives me a great cardio/fat burner session whilst I practice. I decided to join the guys at The Phoenix Movement after seeing their brilliant and informative feed on Instagram, especially seeing them do so many cool tricks that they make look so easy. I was struggling to learn a few things and they seemed a great place to start – I wasn’t wrong – the price of the course is also such good value for money. I have been so happy with the program since joining and the guys at the Phoenix movement are always happy to help in any way they can especially with form checks and help with your technique.
I would highly recommend the program to anyone wanting to learn how to jump rope especially those with no previous experience as it will teach you all you need to know right from the very beginning of your journey into jump rope training