Luke Davies

I found you guys through Instagram, we are connected via our background in Gymnastic Strength Training I believe. I am a Chiropractor and Specialist in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation and preventative public health and talk/present widely about the health benefits of exercise, which we all know, but need reminding. The evidence tells us that for persistent pain – like low back or neck pain, there doesn’t seem to be anyone form of exercise superior to another. We approach clinical practice with a very strong emphasis on Play and enjoyable movement – we teach adults to rediscover their ‘inner child’ with really low barrier modes of movement and exercise. Jump rope is something that ticks a lot of these boxes; power, coordination, endurance, learning and most importantly FUN. If it is more fun then what are we more likely to do? IT – whatever it happens to be, and in my gym, we have almost ALL our clients warming up and playing with jump rope from the Phoenix Movement as part of the Rehab / Prehab – from 18 years of age through to 75 – at their respective level. The fantastic thing about this program is the ease of which they can access the ‘skills’ and tutorials on their phone. As long as they have a jump rope and a phone – you can get your daily movement done, which is medicine. On a personal note, I love jump rope and have found the program really helpful to support learning new skills that I hadn’t seen before.