Pascal Simon

About one year ago, I started to attend Darin and Winter’s gymnastics classes; this was in continuation of my journey in Crossfit. There was so much I could try to learn on my own until I hit a wall. As an ex-Navy, but also being quite active for my entire life, I have always love challenges and hitting milestones.

Now that I am getting older, things are getting slightly harder, but Darin and Winter have proven to me that nothing is impossible. I was unable to do any of the skills required in the Crossfit WOD to tick all these boxes. I could not be any happier and prouder of myself. It has a cost, don’t miss sessions, no excuses, try-hard, and more importantly, trust the process.

Darin often says, we have all unlocked level 1/10 in our gymnastics journey. The path is long, it will hurt, especially the core sequences, but it can only make us stronger. It is incredible to see how you can transfer your gymnastics skills and strength anywhere in life.

I am grateful that our paths crossed and looking forward to more adventures. Merci.