PJ Miller

About a year ago I started hitting the gym religiously, but the one thing I never really did was cardio. Treadmills were bad on my knees and bikes just bore me to death. A few of the guys I trained with would jump rope in between sets, so a couple of months ago I asked if it was beneficial. They explained how awesome it was, not only for cardio and calorie burning but also for stamina, quickness, and agility. I went and bought a jump rope that day.

I have been jumping rope almost every day since then and it is practically my only source of cardio. Fortunately for me, I did not need to lose weight, but I have seen and felt an improvement in my stamina, my footwork, and definition in my legs. It took a couple of days to get used to it and for the muscle memory to kick in, but at the same time that I was getting the hang of it, I came across ThePhoenixMovement Instagram page. I saw Winter doing these ridiculous moves that I wasn’t even aware were possible and I knew I needed to start learning these tricks ASAP. I scrolled through the page and found a website on one of the posts to buy gear. I purchased a new rope from EliteSRS and messaged Winter and Darin with a couple of questions. They were extremely helpful and mentioned ThePhoenixMovement online jump rope training program to me. I immediately subscribed. Since signing up, I’ve learned a bunch of new tricks and also learned some tips to tighten up the ones I already knew.

The instructional videos are very well done. Winter and Darin do a great job at not only showing you how to do each move, but also explaining exactly what you should be doing. I’ve told just about everyone I know that trains to check their Instagram and their site. I sincerely believe if you want to add jump roping to your training or just show off some unique skills to your friends, ThePhoenixMovement is the place to learn!